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basic Theory Test basic Theory Test Singapore
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BTT - Basic Theory Test


FTT - Final Theory Test


RTT - Riding Theory Test


PPCDL - Boat Theory Test


[华文] BTT - 基本驾驶理论


[华文] FTT - 高级驾驶理论

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basic theory test (btt) questions website testimonials
basic theory test practice questions testimonials
Thanks to Singapore Test I pass my BTT on 27 Oct'15 @ 50/50. Follow by FTT on 19 Nov'15 48/50. Highly recommended! Now waiting for my TP. Wish me gd luck :)
-Wendy Ng - 20 Nov 15

Thank you for helping me pass my BTT 49/50! Highly recommended! 12-05-2015 Keep it up guys!
-Dennis - 14 May 15

I will like to thank for helping me to pass my FTT on my first attempt this afternoon, 14th April 2015. With the constant practice, i get from the test engine and the e-booklet, i manage to score 45/50 in my first attempt. All thanks to
-Kelvin Sum - 14 Apr 15

Thank you and I had passed my BTT at 50/50. really works! Bravo and thank you once again.
-Amy Yeo - 10 Apr 15

Thank you for the qns. I have passed my BTT test (49/50)
-Jamie - 19 Mar 15

BTT 49/50 FTT 50/50 Totally impressed! worth every single cent.. just keep practicing the test engine...and i assure u to pass..! Ash
-Ash - 3 Apr 15

i subscribed to Stests after my friend's recommendation.. I started taking tests just from the past 1 week, and am happy to share I passed my FTT today with 50/50..Total credit goes to Stests, I sincerely recommend Stests to those who enrolled for BTT and FTT.. Thanks to SGtests team
-Duvvuru - 8 Nov 14

Thank you very much SingaporeTests! I passed my PPCDL Theory test first time round! I recommend this website to anyone wanting to pass, the database is very useful. :)
-Chris Lister - 15 Sep 14

I would like to thank you for helping me to pass FTT in first attempt with 47
-Saravanan - 2 Sep 14

I have passed my BTT. Got 49/50. Thanks a lot to Singaporetests site. it really helped
-Thomas - 19 Jul 14

I just passed today in my 1st attempt with 48/50 for my BTT. Thank you very much.
-Muhammad Hussain - 12 Jul 14

Im so glad that I found this website thru my working colleague as she knows that I'm preparing for my FTT. I used it less then a week and guess what, I passed my FTT with flying colours today 04012014. Thank you
-Jasmine - 05 Jan 14

Hi Thanks to, I was able to pass my BTT & FTT on first attempt! Will recommend you guys to my friends and loved ones :) Cheers
-Drusilla - 24 Jun 13

Passed both my BTT and FTT on first attempt! scored 49/50 for my FTT on the 12th June! I am so glad that i subscribed to you. BIG THANK YOU, singaporetests! Your website is just amazing!
-Aaliyah - 12 Jun 13

Its awesome! Just going through your execises got me a pass instantly! 1 Day registration, instant exercises, next day exam and a this is what I call a real deal! You guys are a champ! Thanks a big bunch!
-Arwhin - 6 Feb 13

Hello there, failed my theory a yr ago cuz i found it hard to go thru the entire official handbook. And wasn't sincere in memorising it. i need a short-cut badly. Thats when i came across this site. After thoroughly checking out this site, plus reading more than a dozen of testimonial's i reluctanly registered for it..two week's later i started gain my confidence, went to the the test with full of confidence. Bloody hell, this site really keep up to their word. I passes with full marks & therefore hav returned to register for the FTT. Seriously worth evry cent. Money well spent, congratulations 100% trustworthy & recommended.
-MOHAN - 11 Dec 12

Passed with 50/50 for my FTT on 10th Dec 2012!! Took less than 10mins to complete, it was a breeze. I failed my first attempt using theory books and that's what brought me here. I didn't even bother using the books this time and scored full marks!! THANK YOU SINGAPORETESTS
-Yuu - 10 Dec 12

Great study guide and test questions - bought the package two days before my test and scored a perfect 50/50 for my BTT. Thanks!
-Charlene - 22 Nov 12

Yesterday I took FTT and pass with 49/50. Thank you SingaporeTests.
-Johari - 15 Nov 12

Thank you!! I passed my BTT and FTT on my first attempt with 50/50 scores on both tests!
-Isa - 30 Oct 12

I did mY FTT yesterday n passed... thank you very much SingaporeTests. Glad i subscribed to your test engine.
-zubaidah - 17 Oct 12

I just passed my FTT! Thank you SingaporeTests!
-Christina K. - 19 Sep 12

Hey thanks a lot i passed my BTT with so much ease.. got 48/50 and just prepared one day before my test.. Amazing stuff and I will recommend this site to anyone who wants to pass the BTT with ease.
-Ashwin Fernandes - 3 Sep 12

I passed btt at 50/50 today. Gonna register for ftt. hope i can pass ftt also. Thank you, SingaporeTests
-Grace - 25 Aug 2012

WONDERFUL! Just came back from my FTT and I managed to get 49/50 on my first try. Doing the test was a breeze because most of the questions can be found on their test engine. Some unique questions here and there but all of them are easy questions. Didn't even study any materials. I just spammed the questions in the test engine! (:
-Zi Jian - 13 Aug 2012

I did my first final theory test today and I passed 50/50. Much thanks to this site. I only purchased the FTT one day ago & spent my whole day answering the questions. Worth the money!
-Jac - 6 Aug 2012

I just went for my FTT and got 50/50! studied with this website for a day and it is enough to reward me with a pass. :D There are some new questions that i encounter in the test but are largely similar to the questions here!
-Jiawei - 28 June 12

My journey with you end here,thank you singapore test today i passed my ftt. Luv u..singapore test!
- Lissa - 12 June 12

Awesome site, failed my BTT thrice, bought the BTT set and passed with a 48/50 with just one day of practice! Perfecto. Thanks guys!
-Mairah - 07 June 12

Thank you I passed my BTT in first attempt. i got 50/50. its really worth. Thanks,Srikanth.
-Srikanth - 25 May 2012

I'm an expat who just moved to Singapore in October. I subscribed to the Test Engine and downloaded the BTT study notes in preparation for my BTT, so that I could convert my license from the USA. I did not buy the official book and only used to prepare. Just passed my BTT today with a 49/50. Thanks!!!
-Glen - 11 May 12

2 weeks ago i passed my BTT and today i just passed my FTT 48/50,Thanks to
-Darizon D Luke - 03 May 12

believe it or not i practice one day before for my ftt and i PASSED 46/50 ! haha! maybe i 'm clever but also with singaoporetests guidance and of cos LUCK! hehe
-Nicholas - 01 May 12

Thank you sg test, today i passed my btt with 50/50 mark.really make my day today.would return for ftt soon.:)
-Lissa - 01 May 12

Thanks for your question bank and it was quite useful. I just cracked the BTT on 21st April with the score of 99%. A thorough preparation has made the test much easier :-)
-Sudhakar - 22 Apr 12

its my first time taking the btt and i passed my btt 49/ part i started praticing about a week ago,all thanks to singaporetest.woohooo!!!
-Darizon D Luke - 18 Apr 12

I would like to thank the owner of this site as I got 50 out of 50 from my basic theory test today...Thanks a lot. This site is very helpful.
-Alexander Franco - 13 Apr 12

I have been driving for the past 34 years and because I had to do a conversion of foreign licence for class 2B, I had to do my Basic Theory again and have found this site superb and I passed the test with flying colours
-S H Goh - 04 Apr 12

I just pass my FTT on 27/3/2012. Thank you very much Singapore test. please choose only Singapore test, don't choose wrong websites as I being cheated by other websites which the name is almost same as Singapore test & their questions are repeated one.
-Rachel - 28 Mar 12

Thank you Singaporetests, its my first attempt to take BTT last 2March2012 and i passed with flying colours. Its really help me i never read the books only this website and superb and the BEST. Thank you all those people who created this and keep it up.
-Dima - 05 March 12

Awesome!Do these tests regularly and it will definitely help you to pass! I just scored 50/50! Thanks Singapore tests!
-Sofie - 28 Feb 12

SingaporeTests has played a part in helping me pass my RTT. I took the questions here and practice in BBDC and the result is 100% score. Thank you so much SingaporeTests.
-Beng Wai - 10 Feb 12

awesome customer service, thanks! I passed my Final Theory after doing the questions on too, yay :)
-Qing Ru and Garry - 26 Jan 12

Thank you! We scored 50/50 and we are so relief now! Thank you SinaporeTest. The price is totally resonable and keep up the great work!
-Jason & Paulene - 17 Jan 12

Pass my BTT 13 Jan and scored 50/50. Would like to thank SGtests for providing all the relevant questions. Though the actual qns are phrased slightly diffirent than the one in the test engine but they are all theoretically the same! I would definitely recommend to my frens!
-Dimas - 15 Jan 12

Just wanna to say BIG THANK YOU to SingaporeTest. I've passed my BTT in one attempt (49/50) and successfully converted my foreign driving license into Singapore driving license today 07/12/2011. THANK YOU...
-Loh Choi Onn - 07 Dec 11

I passed my BTT 50/50 in my 1st attempt. Thanks to SingaporeTest, just signed up few days ago, but it really helped me.
-Gawri - 29 Nov 11

Hi, Today i had passed my BTT, Thanks to, already applied PDL and FTT, WILL SIGN IN SGTESTS SOON
-Vikram - 09 Nov 11

Passed BTT today! Applied for PDL and FTT already, will be subscribing to FTT test engines soon. Thank you Sgtests. :D
-Eddie - 28 Oct 11

Thanks to Singaporetests, although did not study the book, but after doing 10 rounds of the Q&A, I managed to pass my FTT on 18102011. Worth the money and the effort!!!
-Cristel - 18 Oct 11

It is an fantastic site with all the necessary questions required for the BTT. I've passed 50/50 in my first attempt. Thanks Singapore Tests.
-Prabath Kumar - 17 Oct 11

I failed my BTT at least 8 times and I doubt anyone can break my record but I seriously practice n took the BTT in singaporetests here & passed 50/50!! & now FTT I passed 48/50 at my first try!! Thank you very much!
-Iris - 13 Oct 11

Hi, I passed my BTT yesterday. Thanks to SingaporeTests!
-Miriam - 08 Oct 11

I passed my BTT with 50/50 and finished it in 6 minutes - so thanks, singaporetests! Am signing up for the FTT test engine now :)
-SC - 26 Sep 11

Thanks! for Passed my FTT with a score 49/50 !Prasad
-Prasad - 15 Sep 11

Wohoo i pass my FTT today after subribing to The questions is similiar to the original test. I strongly reconment this website to my friends and family who is taking BTT or FTT. Thanks to
-Nitra - 23 Aug 2011

yipee! it was my first time taking BTT today & i've passed! scored 49/50 for it! have subscribed to the test engine just few days back! tried out all the questions, doing it repeatedly! the questions is mostly the same as the one in BTT! will subscribe to FTT soon! thanks Singaporetests! (:
-ZayZayLeneLene - 17 Aug 11

Glad that I subscribed yr test engine. It was of great help and I got 50/50 for my BTT. I strongly recommend yr test engine to everyone. Thank you!!
-B.G. Maheson - 8 Aug 11

Hi, Today i have passed BTT. Your test engine was very good and it was very useful to the beginners like me. thanks a lot.
-Radhakrishna - 29 Jul 2011

: While everyone else was reading their official handbook. I went through the notes and test engine the day before. I was dozing off while there everyone's mugging. I went in, was the first to complete, never even checked. I got 49/50! Proceed and got my PDL!
-Samuel Chan - 12 Jul 11

I was doubtful abt your e-test when I first join. However when I took my FTT on 8 Jul and passed with 1st attempt with a score of 47/50, I am convinced!
-Kristine - 12 Jul 11

I am so happy. I signed up for with singaporetest.. Truly gave me the confidence and help with My BTT.. 49 out of 50!! I purchased the study notes and FTT !!! Thanks!!!
-Zye - 6 Jun 11

Heya guys! Just wanted to drop you lot a message to say thanks! Thanks to this website, I passed both my BTT & FTT on the first sitting!! I cleared my school's Evaluations on the first sittings too! Incredible website guys! Thanks a mill!
-Santhi - 1 Jun 11

I took my FTT on 18/5/2011 on my 2nd attempt scoring 47/50 and I've passed! TQ singaporetests for helping me to passed the FTT. Waiting for my TP test.
-SUMIYATI M. - 19 May 11

thank you, both me and my husband has passed our FTT on 13 May 11. Now we are heading for the practical... love your site..
-Siti / Azhari - 17 May 11

thank you for i just taking my BTT and i Pass my BTT with a score 47/50 and now i am going to take my FTT soon. i hope that u guy can help me out and i going to subcribe to it
-Yanto - 3 May 11

I would like to thank you and your web which is make me to pass in the basic theory test.really your test engine gave me a confident to face this exam and right now I got it.
- DHANARAJ RAMESH - 12 Apr 2011

thank you la !! me and my sister passed our btt with just 1 attempt ! thank you ! hope you guys can help us out in ftt too !
-Nonet - 16 Mar 11

just wanna thanks singapore tests for helping me on passing my BTT with a score of 47/50 on 14/03/2011.. and now i am waiting for my FTT to come. so i have subscribe to it.. so people keep supporting singaporetests!! Best Regards!!
-Shi Jie - 17 Mar 11

Hi everyone, i pass my BTT scoring 47/50!! its my first attempt. Thanks to I will sure subscribe for FTT also. Worth the money.
-Lohesh - 13 Mar 11

I sat for my FTT (11 03 2011) today & PASSED! I am glad i subscribed to this site! It really is worth it and it prepared me well for the test. Thank you :)
-Rai - 11 Mar 11

Hi , Thank you very much, Excellent Test engine, I have passed with 47 / 50
- C SENTHIL - 21 Feb 2011

Hi, i've passed my FTT on 1st attempt on 11 Feb 2011, scoring 49/50!! Finally have made through the BTT & FTT (both using SGTests)..Thx once again! :D
-Suzanah - 13 Feb 11

Yeah, I have passed my BTT as first attempt on today! Thanks alot to It's really great to have this website...... Everyone please try this website, it's really worth it... ALL THE BEST!....
-Ramesh - 12 Feb 11

Today I took my FTT and I passed!! :) Thank you! SingaporeTests! The questions in the database is helpful for me to prepare for the tests questions. I highly recommend everyone out there who are still studying for their FTT or BTT to subscribe for Singapore Tests prior to their exam..
-Chia Zhenguo Vincent - 27 Jan 11

Subscribing to your online BTT test was a wise decision on my part. Although I registered only 3 days back, going thru all the 411 questions gave me good understanding of the test and managed to score 50/50 in the BTT today. Thanks
-Anand - 26 Jan 11

Thanks for making my study easy! I cant read from the book so have to use to help me as it can be used on my iPhone!
-Derek Lim - 26 Jan 11

i have failed 2 times and my colleague intro me to your site. The 3rd attempt on the BTT on 19JAN2011, finally i have passed. thank you so much your site is the best. Now, my hubby and myself taking the FTT.. hope we can passed them too...thanks again, will definately update on our result on our FTT...
-Siti - 25 Jan 2011

After my BTT Testimonial posted on 19 Oct 10, i signed up for FTT practice only on 21 Dec 2010. within a few days practice i passed my FTT on 31 Dec 2010 with 49/50 @ CDC ! Im super duper over the moon. =) thank u SgTests, your practice systems wrks miracle !
-Emily Ong - 04 Jan 11

THANK YOU, singaporetests! I passed my BTT only for used test engigine 2 weeks. Very good web site.
-Alina - 1 Jan 10

hi! i was amaze. i subscribed dec 27. my btt exam is dec 28 at 315pm. im surprise that i finish early and get 49/50 wtf! im so thnkful!!! its 100% passed! its really worth! have a great day!!!!
-Angel Esmeralda - 28 Dec 10

Just wanna say a BIG THANK U to Singaporetest as i've finally passed my BTT on 22/12/10 after failing 7x!!..HIGHLY RECOMMENDED SITE!!..have already subscribe for the FTT! :))
-Suzanah - 28 Dec 10

Pass my BTT on 21 Dec 2010 with 48/50. The questions are almost the same from the test school. Just keep doing it and you will surely pass !
-Jons - 21 Dec 10

Subscribed to singaporetests yesterday and I pass my BTT today! First attempt, got 50/50 in 10 minutes! I will definitely be recommending this website to all my friends!
-Wei Yee - 16 Dec 10

Hi Guys, I finally passed my final theory after God-knows how many attempts over x years. Somehow reading from the book was never enough. I wished I knew about your website earlier. The test engine were really helpful and served as very good practice. It was money well-spent.
-Cindy - 07 Dec 10

Passed with perfect 50/50 for my BTT on 23 Nov 2010!..i can't absorb the book,no class also for me so Thank u SingaporeTests..u gave me confidence to further FTT!!
-Julie - 24 Nov 10

Guy's is just great. I ran through the complete questions just thrice and imagine what I Passed the BTT in just one chance with full 50/50 right questions.I will be giving my FTT in one month's time and plan to again register for the FTT on Those who don't have much time to spare and want to Pass the BTT, then Singaporetests is the right choice.So go for it.
-Anwar Saddat - 22 Nov 10

WOOHOO! i HAVE PASSED MY BTT ALREADY AND SOON FTT! ALL THANKS TO SINGAPORETESTS! one thing you can't get back is when you pass and you still have some days left which is a lot HAHAHA! but i gonna subscribe my FTT soon! hope to pass that too =)
-Ramien Yew Jia Jun - 4 Nov 10

passed my FTT today thanks to!
-Zhen Wei - 04 Nov 10

Thanks for all the questions available at the test engine. I passed at my first attempt scoring full marks and completed it within ten mins tdy. Practice makes perfect. I'm going to subscribe to the final theory test engine for sure.
-Emily Ong - 19 Oct 10

Thanks to's test engine and BTT study guide, I passed the BTT my first try--with full marks and in 10 minutes. The examiner actually asked me if I was trying to break a record :)
-Meiling - 13 Oct 10

OHWELL, i passed my BTT toooo (first attempt)! last minute chiong Singaporetests before take my BTT, i got all wrong, but when i taking the actual test, i actually PASSED becos all the questions i took at, it came out in my btt test questions ! surprising! and of course, im going to subscribe my FTT here .. AMAZING WEBBY
-Isabella - 11 Oct 10

Firstly i wish to say thank to Singaporetests as i pass my btt because of the test engine.Most of the btt question i sat is almost the same as the one in the test engine.Furthermore,unlimited 130days made me more understand in the test as i never ever buy or read book.Lastly this is my second time in btt ,the first one is i was not know this website so i failed,after i get to know about singapore test,here it is,i pass.No doubt,this site will help you
-Asry - 30 Sep 10

Thank you so much Singaporetests!!! I've passed my BTT today with flying colours...will subscribe on with you for my FTT next. :)
-Nisa - 30 Sep 10

I passed my BTT in first attempt.This site was very useful. i'm recommending this to all my friends,yet hardwork and effort is also important.
-Alisha - 28 Sep 10

Wife and me passed btt and ftt at 1st try. The questions helped us identify our weakness.
-Jesus Angeles - 24 Sep 10

A BIG BIG THANKS to !! I've passed my BTT on my first attempt. What I can say is that the questions provided from this website really useful!!! Just keep on doing the questions over and over again and you will definitely pass with flying colours, trust me!!! Thanks once again!!
-Melody Tan - 8 Sept 2010

Extremely useful...just practice the questions and you'll very likely pass. Thank you! Singaporetests!
-Andrew - 3 Aug 10

All thanks to! If not, this will be my 3rd time failing my FTT! I was quite uncertain why I failed my FTT till I tried all your questions and managed to find out where my mistakes are! Once again! Thank you!!
-Leen - 1 Sep 10

I would like to thank Singaporetests as I have passed my FTT today. I am so grateful and happy about it. Fantastic.. Once again, thank you so much...
-Andrea De Lai - 31 Aug 10

My boyfriend and I passed our btt and ftt at the first attempt, and my ftt scored full marks.! Singaporetests was indeed our saviour.Thanks alot =)
-Brina - 30 Aug 10

The Test Engine and E-Books are just so helpful! Thank you so much, Singapore Test!
-Joey - 18 Aug 10

I passed the BTT in the first attempt with flying colours-- scoring a perfect 50 on 50. Largely thanks to
-Sachin R Sharma - 18 Aug 10

Passed my BTT on my first attempt, thanks to SG tests!
-Grace - 17 Aug 10

I was studying on 6th edition book but signed up just a few days before my tests and practiced a few times on the test engine...and guess what, i passed on my first attempt! Thanks SingaporeTests!
-Vivian - 26 July 2010

Guys, i got to say thumbs up for all the FTT question at SingaporeTests. ive only practise 2days before FTT and manage to passed at 1st time. Thank you
-Raymond Sua - 16 July 2010

Wife and me passed btt at 1st try, The questions helped us identify weakness.
-Jesus Angeles - 10 July 2010

This site is a must for BTT, the questions here are almost similar to those in final BTT test. I practiced BTT question for couple of days and passed my BTT exam yesterday with 100%age.
-Yogesh - 02 July 2010

Thank YOU singaporetests !!!!! I have finally PASSED my basic and final theory .. ! Before signing up to singaporetest i have failed 2 time for my basic and i thought i cannot make it ... So after knowing this website and after the last try for my basic theory , I PASSED !! IT REALLY WORTH THE MONEY=)
-Angel - 14 June 2010

This website is a masterpiece seriously. I didnt do the questions on a regular basis and didnt study the book and still passed on first try. It is really useful and without a doubt is the top site for passing your tests. Just keep doing the 50 questions test engine and BTT will be a piece of cake! THANK YOU SINGAPORE TESTS! will be purchasing my FTT soon!
-Jaggu Sidhu - 07 May 2010

Damn ... am i so glad i found u ... u've been a great help to me in passing my FTT on my 1st attempt. Thanks so much!!!
-Shilia - 07 May 2010

I pass my FTT today.. by trying this website for one week be4 my test if not this is my 3rd time fail again with out this website help thanks It's helps i will recom my friend for this
-Gerald - 5 May 2010

I've registered to take my FTT since 2008 but had never attended due to lack of confidence. However, since I got news of ST, I signed up and practiced. Lo & behold, I passed my FTT today!! Now I'm one step closer to driving my own car :)
-Zee - 1 May 2010

I would like to thank all the ppl who put up this helpful website: Singapore Test. i passed my BTT in the first attempt!!!
-Shakina - 26 Apr 2010

I took my BTT on 14/04/2010 and passed in my 1st attempt. Thanks to the materials & test engine of, I could it successfully. I will recommend this site to my friends strongly!! Best regards.
-DM Venka - 16 Apr 2010

Yipppyy I passed my BTT First attempt!!,thanks alot to Singapore Test, the e-book, and test engine are amazing!!And worth it, now im starting to practise on!kickstart!Highly recomended..dank u wel!
-De Rozario Nora - 13 Apr 2010

purchase the FTT service 3 days ago, and today i passed.. =)
-Koh Hui Fen - 10 Apr 2010

Thank you SingaporeTests , i passed my Btt at the 1s attempt. :)
-Su-Lynn - 06 Apr 2010

had passed my BTT today (31/3/2010) Even though the question & answers are a bit different from those I took in the exam room, the main points are the same. Once again, THANKS !!!
-Yandi - 31 Mar 2010

I really thank I passed my BTT first attempt.Thanks alot.Realy is a woderful website n useful for me to practice!!
-DEBORAH - 26 Mar 2010

Thanks for this superb & helpful website... i passed my FTT on my 1st attempt. Worth my every cents!
-Suzie - 11 Mar 09

Omg! 4 days b4 my btt, I was so cocky & confident I could pass just by reading the textbook ... I chanced upon your website & tried the trial test engine ... Out of 10 tries, I only passed 3 times! That was a wakeup call for me. Am glad I subscribed & drilled myself with all the 404 questions available. I passed my btt today on my 1st try. Thank u so much :o)
[email protected] - 9 Mar 2010

Thanks ST. I passed my FTT today.
-MeiMei - 20 Feb 2010

hi!! I was 50-50 at first, like is it worth trying.. well, after i got thru it, YUP! U MADE MY DAY!!! I PASSED!!! (",) i cant thank u enough!! worth our money people!! gud luck!!!
-Lynn - 4 Feb 2010

I passed the test, largely due to using your material (plus 50 years of driving in many countries). Thank you. I also applaud your efforts at continuous improvement by soliciting comments on questions.
-Brian Peacock - 4 Feb 2010

Yaay! I passed my BTT on first attempt. Couldn't have done it without Singaporetests. I may not have passed by just reading the book. I highly recommend all to subscribe to singaporetest prior to your theory exam. Thanks!
-Sheela - 25 Jan 2010

Thanks SingaporeTests...I have passed my BTT and FTT on first attempt, i would definitely recommend this website to my friends.
-Chermaine Siew - 22 Jan 2010

I like to thank singaporetests , i have passed my BTT today morning.
-Karthik - 14 Jan 2010

As an English man doing the BTT to convert my UK license I found this site invaluable. I thought if I read the book I'd be ok, but after my first 2 or 3 attempts on this site I knew it was going to be tougher than I thought. Mostly due to the wording of the questions. This site meant I passed first time - I will recommend it to all my friends doing the same thing. Thanks very much!
-Thomas Davies - 2 Jan 2010

hurrah...i pass my BTT this afternoon...thank to looking forward 4 my FTT
-Shahril - 11 Dec 09

Thank you very much to the Singapor Tests Team. It is great site, I have pass my BTT in first attempt. Then converted my foriegn license. I worry lot when I fail in the e-trail tet. I recommend all of my friends for this site.
-J.G.Raju - 08 Dec 09

Thanks for the comprehensive theory lessons. Couldn't have passed my both theory test without this website!
-Charlotte Tan - 27 Nov 09

Thanks ST. I Passed both BTT and FTT test at first attempt in a short period of time. And now the TEST of all test the PDT. Hopefully will be first attempt also. Many Thanks
-Lemanns49 - 24 Nov 09

I passed the FTT and BTT with the help of SingaporeTests. Thank you so much!
-Paul - 06 Nov 09

Passed my BTT in first attempt... No surprises.. Had a back up of Singapore test with me... I recommend people to register and start practice to join people like us!!!!
-Shyam - 05 Nov 09

YAY!! i passed my Btt on my first attempt thanks to
-Irfan - 01 Nov 09

Thank you S'poretests team! I passed my BTT at the first try! It can't be possible if I didn't practise drill questions as I am totally a stranger with singapore road rules and regulations (I am a foreigner) Thanks again!
-Stella - 26 Oct 09

This is Celine, i just wanted to share my joy & happiness with u that I passed my PPDCL practical exam
-Celine - 26 Oct 09

I passed my FTT at my 1st attempt!! All thanks to this website!! I started at 3.15pm and ended at 3.30pm! Thank you so much!!!
-Diana Kamal - 21 Oct 09

wowwww!!!!!so fantastic..thank you just now,i haved passed my BTT after 5times i FAILED before i got recommended from my friends about this website...thank you so muchhh!!!!!*wink*
-Zilah - 21 Oct 09

Thank you, I did multiples of 50 questions (like the actual test) and once all 404 questions at one go! It is an excellent mode of practice and it covered a few areas that the official handbook didn't. Thanks! Practice makes perfect - I passed my BTT on the first attempt! Will definitely be using your test engine again for FTT! :)
-shiyun - 06 Oct 09

I passed my BTT yest after registering your website...It really did help me alot.. previous 2 times I was still reading from the book and couldn't absorb any! Glad that your website help me with a low cost! I'm going to register my FTT with u again! Kudos to the team! :)
-Michelle Teo - 16 Sep 09

I wanted to thanks SingaporeTests once again for helping me to pass my Final Theory Test. Really thank you the ppl who took the effort to create this site and update the questions & answer.
-Yvonne Lim - 15 Sep 09

I wanted to thank SingaporeTests, the test questions on this website are almost identical to those in the actual BTT. I passed first time after using this on-line test engine. Thanks SingaporeTests.
-smilkeraitis - 14 Sep 09

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-Eric - 19 Mar 09

i took my ftt today on th 18th march 09,i easily answered all 50 question in 15mins,i made an attempt to practice 50 question daily and i made it on my first attempt, thanks.
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I'm a one happy customer! It was my first attempt and I finished my BTT in 9 minutes. I couldn't believe that I am done with it, so I went through the questions again one by one but couldn't find anything to fix. Clicked the submit button and walaaa.. PASS! I really thank for the notes and tests. Once again, thank you.
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Thank to this cool website. I passed my BTT today. After I failed my 1st BTT, i was so upset until i go home & surf the net & i found tis website. 90% of the question is similar to this website I hope that i can passed my FTT at 1st attempt. SINGAPORETESTS.COM u rocks
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First Try Passed on 22 Jan 2009 at 10:53am at BBDC. Took 23 minutes to press END TEST because a lot of time to double checked the questions and answers. Once again, Thank you SingaporeTests for the help.
-yingjie - 22 Jan 09

Very happy that site has helped me pass my FTT. The question are a lot tougher than the actual one. Though no exactly the same but by using the principles applied here. I manage to pass it with confidence. Thanks
-xhedrickx - 16 Jan 09

today again i and my wife past our final theory together.. thank you very much to singaporetests.. this web really help me n my wife..
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Hi, thank u so much to, i just pass my FTT on 14/01/09 for my 1st attempt. Really glad to have practise in this website, it really help me a lot, thanks again to the team. *cheers*
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Hi kevin... thank you so so much over a night of taking the online test, thank u.. now I can drive while waiting for my license to be delivered.. I am so lucky that I found out about this website 12hrs before my BTT, SO HELPFUL!! I dont think i can pass my BTT without this web, since the questions are quite tricky.. Million thx. Happy New Year!
-Risa Suseanty - 30 Dec 08

Hi everyone... I passed my FTT this morning on my 1st attempt. The question came out easier than expected... am very happy! Thanks to SingaporeTests.
-Ramlah Jantan - 30 Dec 08

After failing so many times in my previous attempts at the FTT, I threw in the towel in 2005. I discovered this site 1 month before my FTT and tested the test on 24/12/2008. And I finished the test under 10 mins flat! The site really works. Thank you all for the effort, the money spent was really worth it!
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I passed my BTT & FTT after knowing this website. Thanks alot :)
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Hi, a big thank you to you. if I depend on just by reading the books with practising, I will keep on failing until I found your website, I finally passed my FTT!
-Fazllah - 17 Dec 08

I was at SSDC on Saturday 13th December 2008 to do my BTT for my License Conversion. Almost 70% of the mock questions here appeared at the actual test. Thank you , i am really happy to get my class 3 license ;)
-Hanafi - 16 Dec 08

Saw this website at the bus-stop ad and decide to try it out ..WOAH i took my RTT today and passed in just one try ......Thank you Singaporetests
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(Translated from Mandarin): Thank you very much, I passed my BTT today. I was introduced to this site by a friend.. I'll introduce it to the people around me too! (Really thanks so much!)
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Hi, finally I passed my FTT after four attempts before I knew this site. I was recommended by my instructor. Thank you SingaporeTests....and now I will recommend this website to my husband and cousins and friends..
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At first,I was pretty doubtful as to whether your site works even though I have signed up with you.Even so, I continued to dutifully try all the questions available and am glad to say that I passed on my first attempt at the BTT!! I was even the second person to finish my test in a time of about 15 minutes!! Thanks! Fantastic site!
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Hey there! I passed my FTT Today at a single shot!...Thanks man! Your site is really great....
-Azahar - 02 Dec 2008

I have passed my BTT at my first attempt. The whole credit goes to SingaporeTests. An excellent site for the test preparation. Thanks again
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Thank you very much for this website. I passed my FTT on 1st attempt on 28/Nov and couldn't believe the word "Passed" on the screen after my test. Now i can fully concentrate on my Practical lessons. Thank You!
-Rynn - 1 Dec 08

Hi! i've passed my FTT today. I'm so glad cos this is my second time. Thanks for this site for making it easier for me to learn even when i'm at my working desk.
-Salwa - 29 Nov 08

thanks...finally passed my FTT after so many fail attempts....the test engine really helps alot.....
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hey guys,this website is great. I finally passed my FTT on my 5th attempt,previously i just read the handbook. But after doing all the qns on this website, then i finally know the correct answers..and thks guys
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I failed my FTT 4 times until I came across this website. I kept practising and what do you know, I pass my FTT just now! This is a great website! Worth the money! thanks guys (:
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Dear Kevin.. I've passed my BTT yesterday on my 1st attempt. Yeah! Will now sign up for my FTT. Thanks so much to SingaporeTests.
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I passed my FTT yesterday.. Thanks to this test engine very helpful indeed!!!
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I was in a daze when I saw "PASSED" on my screen after my FTT today. I wasn't confident as I didn't really study the official handbook. I only learn-from-my-mistakes via your WONDERFUL Test Engine. Thanks!
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Hi staff of, thanks for your help. I pass my driving FTT with breeze. Thank for all the good questions and hint!!!
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Hello, I am very happy with the result i got. I passed my final theory!! i subscribed to this website 2 days before the test day and practiced all the qns given. I am very happy to say that 90% of the questions are similar to what this website have!! its a must subscribe website! Thanks a million guys.
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i'm so happy that i passed my BTT for the first attempt on 31 OCT. i was really afraid.. but all the nervousness gone with all enjoyment.. thanks so much.. i'm now eager to take ftt
-littlepeach - 2 Nov 08

I have pass my BTT today! im so happy! Thanks to SingaporeTest!! Before i set of for the exam, i did a trial test @ this singaporetest engine. The question came out easier than expected! :)
-Jenny - 30 Oct 08

Hi, I have passed my FTT. The test was easier to answer because I was able to figure out the actual test questions only after going through singaporetests mock Q&A. Thank you
-Rajesh - 30 Oct 08

Dear Kevin, I've made it again - "PASSED" my FTT at just 1 try yesterday. Boy!! Once again your website proven and like what I said before it's really State-Of-The-Art way of learning. No need books, no need notes & just click click & passed. Feel so so great as I'm 1 more step closer to my dream. Thanks guys. Your website is so so helpful and motivational... Hip2 Huray!!
-Zai - 22 Oct 08

Was a skeptic when it came to online help but when i clicked the final question it said i passed!! I'm gonna recommend this site to all my friends thanks SGTESTS!!
-raphaelz - 17 Oct 08

My hubby and I have just passed our BTT today on our first attempt. The website is really useful and the questions are similar...Thanks to SingaporeTests!!! Cheers!
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I'm very impressed with and I had managed to passed my FTT with just only of one day practice before exam. Thank you
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Thank you SingaporeTests! I just passed my BTT and its only my first try. I will definitely sign up for the FTT test engine. Great job!
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im so happy today i pass my FTT on my first attempt n i only took 10min to answer all the 50question. Thanks this website help me alot..
-seif_786 - 9 Nov 08

I am very happy that i have passed my btt finally on the fourth time after failing thrice before! The notes really work for me as the notes are very detailed. Im looking forward for my ftt next. Thanks Singaporetests!!!
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wow ur website is outstanding man , i passed my btt and ftt only @ a try and i couldn't believe it. now i am recommending others to ur link, thanks singaporetests
-Muhsein - 5 Oct 08

I passed my FTT today.I felt so confident in answering all the questions. Almost all the questions are similar here.I kept practising them almost everyday.Next,I will be taking my practical test,please pray for me that I will pass too. Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart!
-Siti - 3 Oct 08

I've just passed my FTT today and i did not study the notes or books at all. I did the test engine questions on the day before my FTT (yesterday)... I PASSED! THANK YOU SINGAPORETESTS! RECOMMENDED! =D
-Lawrence - 3 Oct 08

I was depressed when I failed my FTT for the 2nd time. Almost on the verge of giving up. I chanced upon this website and tried the qns before my FTT and I passed it today within 15mins. The qns are similar. Extremely happy and thank you for making this possible!
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This site is great! Not only because of its exhaustive database of questions and answers, but also because of the prompt response of its administrators to user feedback. This site totally helped me to pass my FTT, and I highly recommend it to everyone. Being able to pass the FTT within 20 minutes after spending one night doing all the questions here was well worth the money!
-Adrian Quek - 1 Oct 08

Hello guys, just wanna say THANK YOU! Your site is heaven sent, I passed my BTT tonight and now gearing up to take my FTT and I know I'll make it through again with your site's guidance... Kudos for developing this site!
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Kudos to you guys for this amazing service! Signed up a day before my FTT and i passed on my first attempt. The questions were really helpful as I did not read the book at all and relied solely on this site:)
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Finally I've passed my BTT after failing 3 times before I found tis website...even my brother passed the BTT.. Thank you!
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Hi Kevin! I passed my FTT yesterday! Just wanted to say thank you very much!!!!! This site that you've done up is a godsend.
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i know that I suck at theory be it o levels or n levels. as the test date for my basic went nearer, i went to search on google n found your website. to my surprise i passed my BTT! thank you guys! without this website i dun think i can pass! kudos!
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Finally passed my BTT. Joined SingaporeTests 3 days b4 my test date. Just kept practising on the test engine and never read any theory book at all... and I passed. Thank you SingaporeTests.
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Hi Kevin, can't wait to share my good news..... know what I passed!! God I'm so happy... Thanks to you guys and obviously your awesome and informative website. Not only it's paperless but really its what I called state of the art way of learning in this new era....
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Very tricky question. OK I understand. However, I passed the BTT today and converted my foreign driving license. Thanks to your site.
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I've passed my BTT on the 4 Aug 08, first try, within 15 minutes. To be honest, there was not a single question which I was unsure of. My sole help is not the official book, but it is the BTT e-Book study notes and BTT Test Engine from You, Kevin, have been friendly in replying my email whenever I don't agree with the answer I got wrong. I'm now looking forward to passing my FTT on the first try as well. Thank you.
-mrxhong - 7 Aug 08

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-Doris - 24 July 08

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I passed my BTT!!! signed up 3 days before and i just keep practising. and i'm surprised that the question was almost similar!!! will definitely sign up for the FTT practise. thanks alot!
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Hi! On the 1st of July 2008, I took the Final Theory Test for the 13th times. Thanks to your website, I PASSED! All I did was just practised through the questions for 1 week. I was grinning ear to ear when I saw the word PASSED on the screen. Thank you!
-Shalenna - 9 July 08

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I just passed my 1st attempt FTT hours ago. I was pretty lucky to grab a very early FTT date since my BTT in 26th June 08. So i had only a few days for my FTT. I gv the credits to that i managed to pass BTT n FTT in just 8days!! So once again, thank u so much. U r awesome.
-Leonhardt82 - 3 July 08

I failed my BTT on the first try on the 13 April & then my friends introduced me to this website. On my 2nd attempt on 30 June I passed!! Thanks to SingaporeTests! I am looking forward for the FTT as I am taking the FTT test on 7 of July. Thanks again for the many help. =)
-Darren - 2 July 08

All the while, I've hated studying for test esp when it comes to something which I have to go thru in life that is the BTT n FTT. Amazingly, the test engine has proven so effective that I've passed my BTT on my very 1st attempt within 5mins! The questions were practically identical. Extremely grateful to!
-Fabian - 30 June 08

I took BTT on 25/6/08 n passed!! Hubby was surprised I was out in less than 15 mins. Even though my hands shivered but the similarity of practice n actual test made me relax. Now gonna prepare for FTT using this too. Great job guys!!
-lynn - 25 June 08

I've passed my ftt today and i think this site really helps. It helps to minimise those stuff we need to know, rather than reading the the book over and over again. Thank you so much. I'm introducing this site to my friends as well. Thanks
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yea i pass!!!! thx to this wonderful site!!! i just do and do the test engine again and again and again... and also read the ebook. although the ques is not exactly the same but is abt 70% similar....jus have to depends on ur common sense if u didnt see the ques b4...and base on wat u have learn here!
-Jia Xiang - 19 June 08

The site is extremely helpful. I passed the BTT today! Thanks!
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I've passed my BTT on my forst attempt, thank you. Now I'm doing my FTT and will surely sign up for the website test. I believe I can do it this time for sure!
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I was so excited that I passed my FTT on 10th June. I failed last time and just did a google and signed up for your website and great! I passed FTT today. Just a tip to everyone, when you keep making mistakes on the same topics, go back and take notes to understand. My problem areas were Clutch/gear questions. I took extensive notes and then attempted the questions.
-Geeta - 10 June 08

I took my btt on 7 june and i have passed, this is my first time i am very thankful to this website.I have done all the question on this website and really helped me alot. Amazingly i took onli 10 mins to complete my btt.. Once again thank you very much.
-shahirah - 7 June 08

Hey, just took my BTT today(6th June 2008) and passed it well. All thanks to the questions in SingaporeTests. Am going to subscribe to the FTT questions too. Cheers.
-xiaoarc - 6 June 08

I took the BTT today and passed without really going thru the book. I knew all the answers.....thanks to the very well crafted questions in your data bank. It took me exactly 15 mins to complete the test. You are GREAT!!!! Thank you so much!
-arp701 - 5 June 08

I finally pass my FTT with the help of the website. It really helped alot. Before that I have read all book and it still wouldn't help much. This is the best website that really help.. Once again.. thank you.
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-Yus - 23 May 08

I didn't expect i'll pass my FTT on 14MAY2008. My friend recommended me this webby.. Thanks to this webby.. YEah... :)
-Doreen - 20 May 08

i passed both my BTT n FTT in the first time.thks
-spikeloo - 13 May 08

I'm a private candidate taking the basic theory test, failed on my first two attempts without SingaporeTests at first. Was desperate for tips so I googled and found SingaporeTest. When I took my basic theory test, I was suprised that 90% of the questions were exactly the same that I practised. I eventually passed, thanks to SingaporeTests!
-Jeremy - 9 May 08

Holy cow!! I passed my FTT just now at 10.30am 08/05/08!! Thanks to SingaporeTests!!! Not forgetting to Kevin & JHLZ!!! Many thanks for getting back to me asap at the forum!! Love you guys!! Definitely recommending to my friends, without a doubt!!
-Zaclynn - 8 May 08

Hello..really thanks to this website, I have passed my Final Theory! I am so happy because I did not really complete all the questions here (maybe half only?)...
-Carlson - 7 May 08

I passed my BTT on my 1st try on 6/5/08! I was so suprised and I owe it all to this website! The e-book was fantastic! Thank you again and I'm looking forward to FTT! Thank you!
-Juliana - 6 May 08

Kudos to this webby. I passed my FTT all thanks to this website. It's great! :)
-Aaryn - 30 Apr 08

Yes I passed my PPCDL. Thanks, and the website was a big help. I only had 2 days to prepare.
-Mark R - 18 Apr 08

The first time I did my BTT, I simply studied from the book and I failed. After that, a few friends of mine told me about this website, so I gave it a try and passed my BTT on 15 Feb 08. After which, I pass my FTT on the first attempt on 9 April 08. Thanks SingaporeTests. Everyone should give it a try!
-archangel_88 - 12 Apr 08

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-Chethiya - 10 Apr 08

Didn't really study the BTT book, but practised the questions in this webbie and I passed BTT on 4/4/08 on my 1st attempt. Will do the same for my FTT. Tks lots!
-Jacqueline - 5 Apr 08

Hi, just want to know whether u have FTT chinese edition? I did use ur BTT test engine and passed the exam. Thanks!
-Zhiliang - 5 Apr 08

I find your website very helpful and the Test Engine was the best way to practice what I had learnt. I'm happy to say that I passed my BTT at first attempt on Tuesday.
-Rajee - 28 Mar 08

Thanks lots, I passed my FTT, your website helped me a lot.
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I have passed my BTT and thanks for the web site which assisted me to practice well and pass the exam.
-Sarathy - 17 Mar 08

This website really helps me from my BTT to FTT, BTT i passed with my first attempt , and also due to my laziness I thought by reading my FTT theory book would be enough, and sadly I failed even though i had already signed up for FTT here, i finally return back here again, 3rd time without reading the book, and continuously practicing over here, I made it! Thanks!
-pinkych3rry - 9 Mar 08

Found this site through Google. Subscribe it the night before the FTT. Within 12 hours, I passed my FTT! Thanks. Though I completed only 50% of the questions, it DEFINITELY contributed to my passing of FTT!
-Valencia Low - 23 Feb 08

I've just passed my FTT this morning!!! this is definitely a great website. I passed both BTT and FTT in 1st attempt. Both by practising the questions online. I actually passed my BTT oon 28 Jan 08, then booked for FTT on 9 Feb, only about 10 days to prepare and I passed by religiously practising online everydae!!! Cool website you have, Kevin!!! My frens who are taking the test are also practising on your website... Thank you once again!!!
-jovan - 9 Feb 08

WOW after my friends recommended me this site, i passed on my first attempt. Not even studied from the book, just by doing the question here enough to make me pass already. And the marvellous things is almost all question i've done here came out during the exams. Thanks SingaporeTests for helping me to pass! I'm so happy!
-Nicolas Tim - 20 Jan 08

I found this website while googling on FTT test practice online and i found!! Thank you so much i passed my FTT and the best part was, i knew all my answers were right as it's the exact same question i did on this site!! THANKS!! i'll definitely recommend you guys!!
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WOW, I can't believe this. I actually failed my basic test for the first time before I knew about On the morning of 3 Jan 08, I registered for the test engine because I had Basic Theory Test at 2 pm afternoon. I did not study the book but just practised on this website. Amazingly, I spotted most of the questions as they appeared in my test. :) I passed my test. Thank You for the amazing information. Worth the money!
-Cindy - 4 Jan 08

I passed both my basic and final theory on my maiden attempt!!... Thank you a zillion!!... Now I've earned the bragging right of doing it right the first time too...
-shikinnajib - 29 Dec 07

I accidentally bumbed into this website and this is definitely a great website. I passed my FTT on my first attempt. Most of the questions were similar to those in this website. Worth the money. Thank you.
-Prathiba - 7 Dec 07

Just wanted to thank you for helping me pass BTT finally. I came accross your website accidently after I had failed BTT. Thanks to your practice exercises, I could get an insight into where I was going wrong and was better prepared this time I took the test. And yes! I passed! Thank You!
-Radhi - 19 Nov 07

There you go, BTT and now FTT both 1st attempt!!! What more can I say?! Thanks guys!!!
-josh - 11 Nov 07

awesome site
-Anonymous - 1 Nov 07

This website is fantastic and certainly helped enormously in getting myself and my wife to pass the btt first time. Everyone should do these mock tests, and learn from the questions they got wrong, remembering the correct answer next time!!! Thanks!!
-Feargus and Jo Carroll - 26 Oct 07

I am amazed with the service you are providing to so many people. A friend of mine recommended your site and like him, even I benefited a lot. Keep the good work up!
-Deepak - 18 Sep 07

Couldn't have been better, guys! The practice questions didn't just give me practice - I got to REALLY learn the rules!!! Interactive learning is way better than the book!!!
-josh - 31 Aug 07

Thank you! This is a great webiste! I did not even read my FTT handbook, just practise your questions and passed on my first attempt! ( i passed the BTT too using this) Would spread the word about this website!
-agathaphua - 28 Aug 07

I passed both the BTT & FTT on my 1st attempt. Once again thanks.
-khunyong - 6 Aug 07

This is a wonderful, wonderful site. I passed my BTT and FTT with one try each! I can assure future subscribers that 95% of the questions offered here came out for BTT and FTT! I did not even touch the book a single bit! So future subscribers please don't hesitate! ENROL NOW! =D
-monster_blood60 - 3 Aug 07

Thanks for the amazing website that has helped me pass my FTT with so much confidence. Thanks again and again!
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Thank you for creating this wonderful site. I passed my BTT and FTT on my first attempt by just practicing at your site... no books at all. I will introduce this site to all my friends and let them benefit too. Well Done!
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I'm stucked for my FTT for like 3 years but after i register with this website and do the practice, i pass my FTT. This is a recommended website and it's cheap!
-cutienalia - 22 Jun 07

Keep up the good work. I passed my BTT on my first attempt. Many thanks to you.
-Khun Yong - 7 Jun 07

Thanks to you and your wonderful site, I managed to clear the BTT in the first-go and got my Japanese license converted to drive in Singapore!
-Ramesh - 30 May 07

Thanks for the email regarding the viewing of the images on the test site. We switched to our sons laptop and it was ok so the problem was probably with our computer. We took the test tonight and both passed so your site proved very helpful. Many thanks!
-Carolyn - 24 May 07

Thank you for your wonderful site! I passed the BTT yesterday and some of the questions I saw in the exam were exactly the same as in your simulation and most of the others were similar in concept. Planning to subscribe to your FTT simulation soon!
-Md.Ali - 23 May 07

Thanks to this site, I now have my BTT, RTT and FTT. Without touching the theory book at all, I passed all the tests the first time!
-Kumarrrr - 19 May 07

Passed both my BTT and FTT the 1st time! Beats going down to the centre or reading the book. This is way better than the centre's e-learning portal! Thanks!
-kwsim83 - 17 May 07

Passed first time - delighted - many thanks!
-Joanna Caston - 14 May 07

Thank you for the excellent site! Not only is it helping me to learn but making me challenge myself everytime to win against the wrongs that I get. I will definitely make sure that anyone who would ever want to know anything about driving in Singapore from me will definitely hear about your site too!
-Rubina - 18 Apr 07

Hi, I have used this web to know the basic rules in Singapore and tried the BTT. I passed it at the first shot and had my license converted. Very good and affordable site!
-emunji - 20 Apr 07

A special thank you and congratulations for being so innovative about this particular teaching site!!!
-Rubina - 18 Apr 07

This website has been tremendously helpful. I cleared both my BTT and FTT with only one attempt. Thanks for all the questions on this website! Have informed my friends who wish to take their theory tests about this wonderful website. Thanks a million!
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Just wanted to let you know I just passed the FTT, thanks to your service. Great questions. Most of them were on the test. Extremely helpful!
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Highly recommended site! My bf and I used your website and passed both BTT and FTT the first time!
-Bel - 30 Mar 07

Thanks for the great website. This is the 1st time ever I've paid for something online as I'm usually so distrust of such things. Passed BTT 1st time. Going for FTT this week. Very confident after doing this test and reading the book. Thank you.
-Varsha - 26 Mar 07

I was so eager to learn driving but I failed my final theory test a few times. My best friend pointed me to this website and I like it. I've learned a lot of things. Thank you.
-Eida - 21 Mar 07

Thank you. This site is awesome and totally helpful.
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I highly recommend this website for all who are preparing for their BTT or FTT. I cleared them on the first attempt! This website is awesome! Not only for it's purpose but also for the fact that it is simple, easy to use, highly informative and all these at a cheap price! Hats off to you guys for giving us such an excellent service, I sincerely thank you once again! Keep it up!
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hi! thanks! the test engine reali did come into gd use! xie xie ni! :)
-siying - 14 Feb 07

Hey people out there this website is really useful.. After so many practices I passed my FTT yesterday, all thanks to SingaporeTests!
-karhock83 - 8 Feb 07

I came to know about this website from Google when I was searching for some model questions for Basic Theory Test. After seeing this I went through my BTT book and answered all the question in the database 3 times and before going for the actual test. I got almost exactly the same pattern of questions and passed on my first attempt. Thanks for the wonderful website!
-Farook - 19 Jan 07

Nice test engine format, quick to respond to my enquiry. Thanks!
-Alton - 11 Jan 07

I have been using your website and it's simply superb and really helpful! Finally I have passed my FTT with the help of this site!
-Rashid - 29 Dec 06

Wonderful website you got here!~! Thanks!!!
-Sien - 2006

This website is wonderful for those who have hard time trying to understand the theory book. It's a little bit more simplified than the book but it covers majority that you need to know during your theory test.
-HyperBMS - 2006

As an educator myself this website has the perfect makings of an online learning system meeting the needs of every individual. KUDOS to the initiator of this website. BTW I passed my FTT just by studying this website.
-Rajni Ram - 2006

Hey, i think this website is really really helpful to those out there taking their theory tests =)
-Jek - 2006

i thought I would never pass my BTT again but after I kept on doing the questions here I passed my BTT! I'm going to continue this till i get my license :) Thanks
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Hey, I passed my BTT and FTT once thanks to this website. I just try all the questions and all of the question were similar to the test. Thanks again!
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I've taken my BTT and FTT once with the help of this website. I would like to thank all of you who made this happen. I really hope that this website would add in RTT as well so as to help all those motorists who are taking Traffic Police Tests too!
-Lonsdale Troublemaker - 2006

Thanks to this website I've passed not only my BTT but FTT too with just one attempt!! i'm so grateful to this website.. Good job!!
-Fugly Chicks - 2006

This website is awesome! I've passed my FTT! I hope this website will be the starting benchmark for the new learners who wanted to pass their tests. Once again, thank you!
-Moca SG - 2006

Yoyo people out there! This website really helps alot! Before i went for my BTT I practised here over and over again. Guess what? When I reached the room I wasn't stressed at all but was very confidence instead! In the end the screen showed "PASSED". Thanks to this website . Great job!!
-James Tay - 2006

This is a wonderful website! I took my FTT only once and pass it. I've recommended this website to most of my friends! Keep up the good job!
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Thanks so much for this website! I took my BTT just by going through your test and I PASSED! Great help indeed!
-Nadiya - 2006

Hi thanks for this website that i have passed my basic theory test on the first attempt, I have not touched the book but I based mainly on the questions here but i am not trying to say you need not read the book but the questions here really helped alot and gave me alot of confidence!
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Recently the Traffic Police has updated some rules and regulations that have been incorporated into the syllabus. We have upgraded our questions accordingly, some other copycat websites might not have.

We also offer mock exam questions for Riding Theory Test (RTT) for Class 2B motorcycle learners and Powered Pleasure Craft Driving Licence (PPCDL) for those taking up a boat license.

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Basic Theory Test, Final Theory Test, RTT, PPCDL mock test questions required for obtaining Singapore Driving Licences or Conversion of Foreign Driving Licences.
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