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What does SingaporeTests offer that makes her UNRIVALED?

1. Firstly and most importantly, our Sure-Pass Money Back Guarantee assures you of the effectiveness of our Test Engine.

2. Afraid of poor quality questions? We also have the Question Quality Money Back Guarantee that assures you of the quality of our Test Questions.

3. The effectiveness of SingaporeTests can also be witnessed from the testimonials and Thank-You messages sent in by our members.

4. In case you doubt the testimonials posted on our website, feel free to check out what people are saying about us in other websites!

5. We have the largest question database since 2004.

6. We provide instant response via our Online Live Help system, or through responsive e-mail exchanges.

7. We offer a hotline to reach us - something our copycats cannot offer.

8. We have also been quick to respond to new traffic regulation changes by updating our questions. A good example is the new seat belt rules taken effect on 1/1/2012 but there are still many publications and websites not updated yet till today.

9. More than 50,000 members have registered with us. What else is stopping you? Share with us!

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