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Fyda 5 Stars Rating
Thank you Singapore test! I passed my FTT today! I never regret of taking this. Im a very happy customer! :)
Muna 5 Stars Rating
Hi i will like to thank you for the awesome questions that you have posted in your web. It help me passed my BTTand FTT on my 1st attempt. Really awesome job to your team!
Wendy Ng 5 Stars Rating
Thanks to Singapore Test I pass my BTT on 27 Oct15 @ 50/50. Follow by FTT on 19 Nov15 48/50. Highly recommended! Now waiting for my TP. Wish me gd luck :)
Dennis 5 Stars Rating
Thank you for helping me pass my BTT 49/50! Highly recommended! 12-05-2015 Keep it up guys!
Kelvin Sum 5 Stars Rating
I will like to thank for helping me to pass my FTT on my first attempt this afternoon, 14th April 2015. With the constant practice, i get from the test engine and the e-booklet, i manage to score 45/50 in my first attempt. All thanks to
Amy Yeo 5 Stars Rating
Thank you and I had passed my BTT at 50/50. really works! Bravo and thank you once again.
Jamie 5 Stars Rating
Thank you for the qns. I have passed my BTT test (49/50)
Ash 5 Stars Rating
BTT 49/50 FTT 50/50 Totally impressed! worth every single cent.. just keep practicing the test engine...and i assure u to pass..! Ash
Duvvuru 5 Stars Rating
i subscribed to Stests after my friends recommendation.. I started taking tests just from the past 1 week, and am happy to share I passed my FTT today with 50/50..Total credit goes to Stests, I sincerely recommend Stests to those who enrolled for BTT and FTT.. Thanks to SGtests team
Chris Lister 5 Stars Rating
Thank you very much SingaporeTests! I passed my PPCDL Theory test first time round! I recommend this website to anyone wanting to pass, the database is very useful. :)
Saravanan 5 Stars Rating
I would like to thank you for helping me to pass FTT in first attempt with 47
Thomas 5 Stars Rating
I have passed my BTT. Got 49/50. Thanks a lot to Singaporetests site. it really helped
Muhammad Hussain 5 Stars Rating
I just passed today in my 1st attempt with 48/50 for my BTT. Thank you very much.
Jasmine 5 Stars Rating
Im so glad that I found this website thru my working colleague as she knows that Im preparing for my FTT. I used it less then a week and guess what, I passed my FTT with flying colours today 04012014. Thank you
Drusilla 5 Stars Rating
Hi Thanks to, I was able to pass my BTT & FTT on first attempt! Will recommend you guys to my friends and loved ones :) Cheers
Aaliyah 5 Stars Rating
Passed both my BTT and FTT on first attempt! scored 49/50 for my FTT on the 12th June! I am so glad that i subscribed to you. BIG THANK YOU, singaporetests! Your website is just amazing!
Arwhin 5 Stars Rating
Its awesome! Just going through your execises got me a pass instantly! 1 Day registration, instant exercises, next day exam and a this is what I call a real deal! You guys are a champ! Thanks a big bunch!
MOHAN 5 Stars Rating
Hello there, failed my theory a yr ago cuz i found it hard to go thru the entire official handbook. And wasnt sincere in memorising it. i need a short-cut badly. Thats when i came across this site. After thoroughly checking out this site, plus reading more than a dozen of testimonials i reluctanly registered for it..two weeks later i started gain my confidence, went to the the test with full of confidence. Bloody hell, this site really keep up to their word. I passes with full marks & therefore hav returned to register for the FTT. Seriously worth evry cent. Money well spent, congratulations 100% trustworthy & recommended.
Yuu 5 Stars Rating
Passed with 50/50 for my FTT on 10th Dec 2012!! Took less than 10mins to complete, it was a breeze. I failed my first attempt using theory books and thats what brought me here. I didnt even bother using the books this time and scored full marks!! THANK YOU SINGAPORETESTS
Charlene 5 Stars Rating
Great study guide and test questions - bought the package two days before my test and scored a perfect 50/50 for my BTT. Thanks!
Johari 5 Stars Rating
Yesterday I took FTT and pass with 49/50. Thank you SingaporeTests.
Isa 5 Stars Rating
Thank you!! I passed my BTT and FTT on my first attempt with 50/50 scores on both tests!
zubaidah 5 Stars Rating
I did mY FTT yesterday n passed... thank you very much SingaporeTests. Glad i subscribed to your test engine.
Christina K. 5 Stars Rating
I just passed my FTT! Thank you SingaporeTests!
Ashwin Fernandes 5 Stars Rating
Hey thanks a lot i passed my BTT with so much ease.. got 48/50 and just prepared one day before my test.. Amazing stuff and I will recommend this site to anyone who wants to pass the BTT with ease.
Grace 5 Stars Rating
I passed btt at 50/50 today. Gonna register for ftt. hope i can pass ftt also. Thank you, SingaporeTests
Zi Jian 5 Stars Rating
WONDERFUL! Just came back from my FTT and I managed to get 49/50 on my first try. Doing the test was a breeze because most of the questions can be found on their test engine. Some unique questions here and there but all of them are easy questions. Didnt even study any materials. I just spammed the questions in the test engine! (:
Jac 5 Stars Rating
I did my first final theory test today and I passed 50/50. Much thanks to this site. I only purchased the FTT one day ago & spent my whole day answering the questions. Worth the money!
Jiawei 5 Stars Rating
I just went for my FTT and got 50/50! studied with this website for a day and it is enough to reward me with a pass. :D There are some new questions that i encounter in the test but are largely similar to the questions here!
Lissa 5 Stars Rating
My journey with you end here,thank you singapore test today i passed my ftt. Luv u..singapore test!
Mairah 5 Stars Rating
Awesome site, failed my BTT thrice, bought the BTT set and passed with a 48/50 with just one day of practice! Perfecto. Thanks guys!
Srikanth 5 Stars Rating
Thank you I passed my BTT in first attempt. i got 50/50. its really worth. Thanks,Srikanth.
Glen 5 Stars Rating
Im an expat who just moved to Singapore in October. I subscribed to the Test Engine and downloaded the BTT study notes in preparation for my BTT, so that I could convert my license from the USA. I did not buy the official book and only used to prepare. Just passed my BTT today with a 49/50. Thanks!!!
Darizon D Luke 5 Stars Rating
2 weeks ago i passed my BTT and today i just passed my FTT 48/50,Thanks to
Nicholas 5 Stars Rating
believe it or not i practice one day before for my ftt and i PASSED 46/50 ! haha! maybe i m clever but also with singaoporetests guidance and of cos LUCK! hehe
Lissa 5 Stars Rating
Thank you sg test, today i passed my btt with 50/50 mark.really make my day today.would return for ftt soon.:)
Sudhakar 5 Stars Rating
Thanks for your question bank and it was quite useful. I just cracked the BTT on 21st April with the score of 99%. A thorough preparation has made the test much easier :-)
Darizon D Luke 5 Stars Rating
its my first time taking the btt and i passed my btt 49/ part i started praticing about a week ago,all thanks to singaporetest.woohooo!!!
Alexander Franco 5 Stars Rating
I would like to thank the owner of this site as I got 50 out of 50 from my basic theory test today...Thanks a lot. This site is very helpful.
S H Goh 5 Stars Rating
I have been driving for the past 34 years and because I had to do a conversion of foreign licence for class 2B, I had to do my Basic Theory again and have found this site superb and I passed the test with flying colours
Rachel 5 Stars Rating
I just pass my FTT on 27/3/2012. Thank you very much Singapore test. please choose only Singapore test, dont choose wrong websites as I being cheated by other websites which the name is almost same as Singapore test & their questions are repeated one.
Dima 5 Stars Rating
Thank you Singaporetests, its my first attempt to take BTT last 2March2012 and i passed with flying colours. Its really help me i never read the books only this website and superb and the BEST. Thank you all those people who created this and keep it up.
Sofie 5 Stars Rating
Awesome!Do these tests regularly and it will definitely help you to pass! I just scored 50/50! Thanks Singapore tests!
Beng Wai 5 Stars Rating
SingaporeTests has played a part in helping me pass my RTT. I took the questions here and practice in BBDC and the result is 100% score. Thank you so much SingaporeTests.
Qing Ru and Garry 5 Stars Rating
awesome customer service, thanks! I passed my Final Theory after doing the questions on too, yay :)
Jason & Paulene 5 Stars Rating
Thank you! We scored 50/50 and we are so relief now! Thank you SinaporeTest. The price is totally resonable and keep up the great work!
Dimas 5 Stars Rating
Pass my BTT 13 Jan and scored 50/50. Would like to thank SGtests for providing all the relevant questions. Though the actual qns are phrased slightly diffirent than the one in the test engine but they are all theoretically the same! I would definitely recommend to my frens!
Loh Choi Onn 5 Stars Rating
Just wanna to say BIG THANK YOU to SingaporeTest. Ive passed my BTT in one attempt (49/50) and successfully converted my foreign driving license into Singapore driving license today 07/12/2011. THANK YOU...
Gawri 5 Stars Rating
I passed my BTT 50/50 in my 1st attempt. Thanks to SingaporeTest, just signed up few days ago, but it really helped me.
Vikram 5 Stars Rating
Hi, Today i had passed my BTT, Thanks to, already applied PDL and FTT, WILL SIGN IN SGTESTS SOON
Eddie 5 Stars Rating
Passed BTT today! Applied for PDL and FTT already, will be subscribing to FTT test engines soon. Thank you Sgtests. :D
Cristel 5 Stars Rating
Thanks to Singaporetests, although did not study the book, but after doing 10 rounds of the Q&A, I managed to pass my FTT on 18102011. Worth the money and the effort!!!
Prabath Kumar 5 Stars Rating
It is an fantastic site with all the necessary questions required for the BTT. Ive passed 50/50 in my first attempt. Thanks Singapore Tests.
Iris 5 Stars Rating
I failed my BTT at least 8 times and I doubt anyone can break my record but I seriously practice n took the BTT in singaporetests here & passed 50/50!! & now FTT I passed 48/50 at my first try!! Thank you very much!
Miriam 5 Stars Rating
Hi, I passed my BTT yesterday. Thanks to SingaporeTests!
SC 5 Stars Rating
I passed my BTT with 50/50 and finished it in 6 minutes - so thanks, singaporetests! Am signing up for the FTT test engine now :)
Prasad 5 Stars Rating
Thanks! for Passed my FTT with a score 49/50 !Prasad
Nitra 5 Stars Rating
Wohoo i pass my FTT today after subribing to The questions is similiar to the original test. I strongly reconment this website to my friends and family who is taking BTT or FTT. Thanks to
ZayZayLeneLene 5 Stars Rating
yipee! it was my first time taking BTT today & ive passed! scored 49/50 for it! have subscribed to the test engine just few days back! tried out all the questions, doing it repeatedly! the questions is mostly the same as the one in BTT! will subscribe to FTT soon! thanks Singaporetests! (:
B.G. Maheson 5 Stars Rating
Glad that I subscribed yr test engine. It was of great help and I got 50/50 for my BTT. I strongly recommend yr test engine to everyone. Thank you!!
Radhakrishna 5 Stars Rating
Hi, Today i have passed BTT. Your test engine was very good and it was very useful to the beginners like me. thanks a lot.
Samuel Chan 5 Stars Rating
: While everyone else was reading their official handbook. I went through the notes and test engine the day before. I was dozing off while there everyones mugging. I went in, was the first to complete, never even checked. I got 49/50! Proceed and got my PDL!
Kristine 5 Stars Rating
I was doubtful abt your e-test when I first join. However when I took my FTT on 8 Jul and passed with 1st attempt with a score of 47/50, I am convinced!
Zye 5 Stars Rating
I am so happy. I signed up for with singaporetest.. Truly gave me the confidence and help with My BTT.. 49 out of 50!! I purchased the study notes and FTT !!! Thanks!!!
Santhi 5 Stars Rating
Heya guys! Just wanted to drop you lot a message to say thanks! Thanks to this website, I passed both my BTT & FTT on the first sitting!! I cleared my schools Evaluations on the first sittings too! Incredible website guys! Thanks a mill!
SUMIYATI M. 5 Stars Rating
I took my FTT on 18/5/2011 on my 2nd attempt scoring 47/50 and Ive passed! TQ singaporetests for helping me to passed the FTT. Waiting for my TP test.
Siti / Azhari 5 Stars Rating
thank you, both me and my husband has passed our FTT on 13 May 11. Now we are heading for the practical... love your site..
Yanto 5 Stars Rating
thank you for i just taking my BTT and i Pass my BTT with a score 47/50 and now i am going to take my FTT soon. i hope that u guy can help me out and i going to subcribe to it
I would like to thank you and your web which is make me to pass in the basic theory test.really your test engine gave me a confident to face this exam and right now I got it.
Nonet 5 Stars Rating
thank you la !! me and my sister passed our btt with just 1 attempt ! thank you ! hope you guys can help us out in ftt too !
Shi Jie 5 Stars Rating
just wanna thanks singapore tests for helping me on passing my BTT with a score of 47/50 on 14/03/2011.. and now i am waiting for my FTT to come. so i have subscribe to it.. so people keep supporting singaporetests!! Best Regards!!
Lohesh 5 Stars Rating
Hi everyone, i pass my BTT scoring 47/50!! its my first attempt. Thanks to I will sure subscribe for FTT also. Worth the money.
Rai 5 Stars Rating
I sat for my FTT (11 03 2011) today & PASSED! I am glad i subscribed to this site! It really is worth it and it prepared me well for the test. Thank you :)
C SENTHIL 5 Stars Rating
Hi , Thank you very much, Excellent Test engine, I have passed with 47 / 50
Suzanah 5 Stars Rating
Hi, ive passed my FTT on 1st attempt on 11 Feb 2011, scoring 49/50!! Finally have made through the BTT & FTT (both using SGTests)..Thx once again! :D
Ramesh 5 Stars Rating
Yeah, I have passed my BTT as first attempt on today! Thanks alot to Its really great to have this website...... Everyone please try this website, its really worth it... ALL THE BEST!....
Chia Zhenguo Vincent 5 Stars Rating
Today I took my FTT and I passed!! :) Thank you! SingaporeTests! The questions in the database is helpful for me to prepare for the tests questions. I highly recommend everyone out there who are still studying for their FTT or BTT to subscribe for Singapore Tests prior to their exam..
Anand 5 Stars Rating
Subscribing to your online BTT test was a wise decision on my part. Although I registered only 3 days back, going thru all the 411 questions gave me good understanding of the test and managed to score 50/50 in the BTT today. Thanks
Derek Lim 5 Stars Rating
Thanks for making my study easy! I cant read from the book so have to use to help me as it can be used on my iPhone!
Siti 5 Stars Rating
i have failed 2 times and my colleague intro me to your site. The 3rd attempt on the BTT on 19JAN2011, finally i have passed. thank you so much your site is the best. Now, my hubby and myself taking the FTT.. hope we can passed them too...thanks again, will definately update on our result on our FTT...
Emily Ong 5 Stars Rating
After my BTT Testimonial posted on 19 Oct 10, i signed up for FTT practice only on 21 Dec 2010. within a few days practice i passed my FTT on 31 Dec 2010 with 49/50 @ CDC ! Im super duper over the moon. =) thank u SgTests, your practice systems wrks miracle !
Alina 5 Stars Rating
THANK YOU, singaporetests! I passed my BTT only for used test engigine 2 weeks. Very good web site.
Angel Esmeralda 5 Stars Rating
hi! i was amaze. i subscribed dec 27. my btt exam is dec 28 at 315pm. im surprise that i finish early and get 49/50 wtf! im so thnkful!!! its 100% passed! its really worth! have a great day!!!!
Suzanah 5 Stars Rating
Just wanna say a BIG THANK U to Singaporetest as ive finally passed my BTT on 22/12/10 after failing 7x!!..HIGHLY RECOMMENDED SITE!!..have already subscribe for the FTT! :))
Jons 5 Stars Rating
Pass my BTT on 21 Dec 2010 with 48/50. The questions are almost the same from the test school. Just keep doing it and you will surely pass !
Wei Yee 5 Stars Rating
Subscribed to singaporetests yesterday and I pass my BTT today! First attempt, got 50/50 in 10 minutes! I will definitely be recommending this website to all my friends!
Cindy 5 Stars Rating
Hi Guys, I finally passed my final theory after God-knows how many attempts over x years. Somehow reading from the book was never enough. I wished I knew about your website earlier. The test engine were really helpful and served as very good practice. It was money well-spent.
Julie 5 Stars Rating
Passed with perfect 50/50 for my BTT on 23 Nov 2010!..i cant absorb the book,no class also for me so Thank u SingaporeTests..u gave me confidence to further FTT!!
Anwar Saddat 5 Stars Rating
Guys is just great. I ran through the complete questions just thrice and imagine what I Passed the BTT in just one chance with full 50/50 right questions.I will be giving my FTT in one months time and plan to again register for the FTT on Those who dont have much time to spare and want to Pass the BTT, then Singaporetests is the right choice.So go for it.
Ramien Yew Jia Jun 5 Stars Rating
WOOHOO! i HAVE PASSED MY BTT ALREADY AND SOON FTT! ALL THANKS TO SINGAPORETESTS! one thing you cant get back is when you pass and you still have some days left which is a lot HAHAHA! but i gonna subscribe my FTT soon! hope to pass that too =)
Zhen Wei 5 Stars Rating
passed my FTT today thanks to!
Emily Ong 5 Stars Rating
Thanks for all the questions available at the test engine. I passed at my first attempt scoring full marks and completed it within ten mins tdy. Practice makes perfect. Im going to subscribe to the final theory test engine for sure.
Meiling 5 Stars Rating
Thanks to SingaporeTests.coms test engine and BTT study guide, I passed the BTT my first try--with full marks and in 10 minutes. The examiner actually asked me if I was trying to break a record :)
Isabella 5 Stars Rating
OHWELL, i passed my BTT toooo (first attempt)! last minute chiong Singaporetests before take my BTT, i got all wrong, but when i taking the actual test, i actually PASSED becos all the questions i took at, it came out in my btt test questions ! surprising! and of course, im going to subscribe my FTT here .. AMAZING WEBBY
Asry 5 Stars Rating
Firstly i wish to say thank to Singaporetests as i pass my btt because of the test engine.Most of the btt question i sat is almost the same as the one in the test engine.Furthermore,unlimited 130days made me more understand in the test as i never ever buy or read book.Lastly this is my second time in btt ,the first one is i was not know this website so i failed,after i get to know about singapore test,here it is,i pass.No doubt,this site will help you
Nisa 5 Stars Rating
Thank you so much Singaporetests!!! Ive passed my BTT today with flying colours...will subscribe on with you for my FTT next. :)
Alisha 5 Stars Rating
I passed my BTT in first attempt.This site was very useful. im recommending this to all my friends,yet hardwork and effort is also important.
Jesus Angeles 5 Stars Rating
Wife and me passed btt and ftt at 1st try. The questions helped us identify our weakness.
Melody Tan 5 Stars Rating
A BIG BIG THANKS to !! Ive passed my BTT on my first attempt. What I can say is that the questions provided from this website really useful!!! Just keep on doing the questions over and over again and you will definitely pass with flying colours, trust me!!! Thanks once again!!
Andrew 5 Stars Rating
Extremely useful...just practice the questions and youll very likely pass. Thank you! Singaporetests!
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